Wealthy Affiliate Is The Base To Build Online Business

 Wealthy Affiliate Is The Base To Build Online Business

It has been about three years when I started searching to work online from home. I always want to work from home while drinking my coffee or sitting in my garden.. I really tried many companies. Unfortunately, some were scams… Finally, I found some good and trusted companies. The best one of them is the Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Wealthy affiliate is one of the best online websites to help you build a website and establish a business. It is a good choice if you want to work from home.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is an online community with over 100,000 members. It is Founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson. It becomes one of the highest-rated programs to teach you the secrets of online business.
  • After joining Wealthy Affiliate and building your website, you will have Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS) to increase your website security along with increasing your site trust in search engines.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is a good place because you will Free SiteProtect (Spam Blocker). Thus, you could protect all your websites from fraud.
There are two billion people using the Internet, Thus, the best place to make a business in on the internet because there is a very large number of people there that you can connect with. Members here at WA succeed at the highest rate out of any platform online!

Join me here at WA and I will teach you how to start your business

1- The Official Training:

Wealthy affiliate provides the premium members with official training such as videos, tutorials, and posts. This helps you to become an expert to build your business and create your own website or store.

2- Affiliates Tutorials:

Experienced affiliates could create their own tutorials to help beginners to learn all the basics of Wealthy Affiliate. They will share their experience in the internet business.

3-  Community Assistance:

The community at Wealthy affiliate is very helpful. If you ask questions, you could find answers from many members of the society. You could also join the live chat to discuss topics or ask questions.

4- Website Builder and hosting:

Anyone even without experience could create a website in a few minutes. Get two free websites and get 50 websites if you upgrade to premium.

5- Business Tools:

Wealthy Affiliate provides its members with different themes of WordPress. Moreover, there are many plugins to help in creating a great website.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Now for Free

This month in July 2018, I become one of the top 100 at Wealthy Affiliate. I am looking forward to becoming an ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate and gain many privileges.

Some proofs of Payments

33 Responses

  1. Jude Banks

    This is a nice start for your website. I like the theme. Keep going. ~Jude

    • admin

      Thanks a lot Jude for your nice comment..
      It’s still the beginning..
      I need to add more contents..

    • admin

      Hello Paul
      Yes it is a great idea.. May be the beginning is difficult.. But if you choose good and honest sites to work with, then the result is amazing.
      I am sure if you try it you will love it.. Why?? I will tell you .. You could accomplish your work while drinking your coffee and while relaxing and sitting in your garden among the nature.. The most important is to choose carefully..
      Wishing you all the best

  2. Don

    Rania, when I look at an online based education to learn how to create a business online, I want to know how long it has been in existent. Wealthy Affiliate beginning in 2005 tells me a great deal. It has stability. It has credibility or it wouldn’t have lasted this long scamming people like so many are now doing. I have been with WA for three years and I love it. It is by far the best training on the net for making money from home or anywhere in the world. In other words, what I like about having an online business is that my office is the world, wherever I am. Everything I have learned about running a business online is from WA.

    You have done a good job explaining Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you all the best!


    • admin

      Hello Don
      Thanks a lot for your comment.. I agree with you that when we join any site, we should first know how long it has been in existent. This is the best clue that it’s not a spam.. Besides, I always read many reviews about it.. From the first day I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I felt it is unique and different from all companies I worked with..
      Wishing you all the best

  3. Furkan

    Hi, WA seems good but how is their hosting system? Is it secure and does it protect from spams? I actually have many problems with my current hosting account and if this platform is any good, I will start using it.

    • admin

      Hello Furkan
      Yes the hosting is secure and protects all sites from spams. It starts with state of the art website security for all sites hosted at WA

  4. Acell

    It seems that Wealthy Affiliate has a solid foundation and provides many features for their members. Worth the experience!.

    • admin

      Thanks Acell for your comment.. I really appreciate your effort and time
      Wishing you all the best

  5. Manasir

    Rania excellent article – I have seen many online money making sites which were scam but from your personal experience I believe I can start with wealthy affiliate with out any doubts. I’m also amazed that they provide training which is an added advantage. Thanks for helping our people, keep well and have a great day 🙂

    • admin

      Thank you Manasir.. Now I have experience in internet business so I never recommend any site until it proves that it is honest and trustful
      Wishing you all the best

  6. Henryan

    Hi.. From your review, it seems WA a nice place to learn and start a business online. I read many positive reviews for wealthy affiliate. The community members are 100k, I think that fantastic. Can a newbie who Doesn’t Understand Affiliate Marketing manage with this?

    • admin

      Hello Henryan
      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start a business.. I built two websites in three months and now I am building the third.. I say again and again Wealthy affiliate worth it

  7. Courtney

    I’m so happy you found Wealthy Affiliate!! I can agree with you that it is definitely THE BEST out there. When I quit my job and moved states I wanted to start a new occupation and working form home was my goal. I came across scam after scam and when I finally found WA it was like a breath of fresh air! I hope so many other see this post and benefit from it! And good luck to you!

    • admin

      Hello Courtney
      From the first day I joined Wealthy affiliate, I felt that this the place I was looking for and I upgraded for premium in the first day I joined WA
      Wishing you all the best

  8. Manika- Nia Dixon

    I am so glad that you are sharing this and helping others achieve their work from home dreams and could not agree more with the brilliance of WA. It has helped me so much and it truly is the best platform out there for learning how to make a profitable business. Keep up sharing this with the rest of us! Thanks!x

    • admin

      Hello Manika
      Thanks for visiting my website.. I always work with the company.. When I feel it is honest and trustful, I write a review to encourage others to share in these websites

  9. Yogu RJ

    Thanks for sharing this article with a video. This is really helpful. I have never seen a program with more stuff like this. How many days will it take me to see my first Dollar?

  10. admin

    Hello Yogu
    I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start a business.. If you could bring two people to join through your link then you will not pay any monthly fees..

  11. Rick

    Hi Rania. I agree with you completely. Four months ago I knew absolutely nothing about creating a website or an online business. Today, I have two established websites and I have been immersed in the training from from day 1 and am still learning something new every day.

    I don’t think it’s said often enough but in addition to the incredible training, the friendly, helpful and encouraging Wealthy Affiliate Community is what makes it so wonderful.

    • admin

      Thanks a lot for your comment.. It is true that the special training of Wealthy Affiliate makes this site the best

  12. Mohammad N

    Thanks a lot for this useful article about Wealthy Affiliate Site.. You convince me to join the site.. Only one question: Could I join the site for free and how many websites could I create.

    • admin

      Hello Mohammad
      You could join for free and create two free websites. If you become premium you could create 50 websites

  13. Gus

    Hi Rania, the website is like you, genuine, nice and warm…it has all the facts you will ever need to start and affiliate website, it seems like Wealthy Affiliates is the place to be in 2018. Your offers, excellent and I wish you every success. The community fell of WA is second to none, I am happy I am here..

    • admin

      Thanks dear Gus for your nice comment. You make my day with your lovely words. Yes I believe as you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to begin a business.

  14. Kaju

    Great landing page Raina, really nicely done!
    Your success is only beginning here at WA, and greater accomplishments are ahead of you!

    • admin

      Thanks dear Kaju for your lovely words.. I really appreciate your time and effort!

  15. Nour Alsharif

    Thanks very much for this amazing review. I am sure I will join you in the coming month. I want to do some research and read some reviews before joining. Wishing you great success.

    • admin

      Wow .. This amazing. You have made the right decision to join Wealthy Affiliate.. It is the best place to build a business

  16. Faisal

    Well done Rania, a nice presentation about WA.

    I like how you facilitate the process of how WA work.

    Great website and a great lecture.

    Wish you all the best and success.


  17. Habib

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to start business and make money online successfully. I’ve been with them for the past 2 years and its worth every penny. I highly recommend it to everyone out there.

    I liked the way you simplified the review and broken it down, so it’s easier to read and understand.

    All the best

    • admin

      Hi Habib,
      Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to help you build a business online.
      It is a real opportunity. Wishing you great success in your business

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