Top Reasons Why You Should Bid in Astro Auctions at SFI Marketing Group

Top Reasons Why You Should Bid in Astro Auctions

at SFI Marketing Group



If you wonder what is your career dream, then I have the answer for you!

It should be the career of the twenty-first century. It is an affiliate marketing. 

One of the best affiliate marketing companies is SFI Marketing Group and its twin sister TripleClicks.

Why You Should Join SFI Marketing Group


I joined SFI Marketing Group five years ago, It deals with affiliate marketing. It is an honest company that I recommend for all people who want to work from home and earn money.

Join Me At SFI Marketing Group


SFI Marketing Group added many top programs in this year 2018 such as Localvantia, Rewardicals, Compensation Plan and Team Overrides. This month in July 2018. SFI added a spectacular program for those who love bidding called Astro Auctions.

If you don’t want to be an SFI affiliate,

then you could join here and bid in auctions!

Astro Auctions



             What Are Astro Auctions?



Astro Auction is the name of one of SFI auction platforms. It integrates fun, cool, and innovative features into the popular auction model. SFI introduced Astro Auctions after three years in development. 

Astro is based on auctions of a silent model. But it has more features that make it more interesting and enjoyable.


How To Bid In Astro Auctions


1- Login to your account and go to the auction index.

Auction Index

Press on AUCTIONS to choose the auction you want to bid on it



2- You could choose any auction from a list of auctions by clicking the BID button.

You press on the word BID beside the auction you have chosen.



3. Enter a number of TCredits in the box and press on continue.



4. Choose the number of TCredits you want to receive Constellation Prizes on (minimum 1).  The prizes are Rewardical Tokens which can be redeemed for many goodies such as VersaPoints, PSAs, CSAs, PRMs, silver bullion, Bitcoin, gift cards, and more.





5. Then enter your free prediction for Pick-The-Bid. If you have the closest prediction to the auction’s winning bid, you’ll win 500 Rewardicals!

Choose a number above 100 like 110 or 120 etc. and submit a bid.


6. After fueling and boarding are completed the auction is ready to launch, an email is sent to you.



7. Click the “LAUNCH” button of the auction which is displayed on the Auction Index with  READY status.  

8. Now you could watch the auction  “IN FLIGHT” with top 20 bidders.  Also during this stage, you will get all your prizes.


9. After the auction’s starship will land successfully, you could claim all your prizes.






launch success money dollars leadership in an economy – 3d rendering




28 Responses

  1. brad

    Interesting concept that I have never heard of. I will be for sure looking into something like further.
    What are my risks and what are the potential benefits?

    • admin

      Thanks Brad for reading my article. There is no risk. The benefit of bidding is that you win items for little money. I once won a Samsung chrome book for only 5 dollars in bidding.The most important is to learn the techniques of bidding in auctions.

  2. Hemant

    It sounds really interesting.Thanks for sharing it with us. I am eager to try it. I live in Mauritius, can i register or will I be rejected, because of my location?
    Thank you

  3. Philip Hindle

    Great article! This has informed me of the SFI marketing group and why I should consider joining it. I will take this into consideration. I am also well informed about bidding in astro auctions. Thank you!

  4. Acell

    Hi Rania

    I succeed in winning more than 2000 rewardiclas with this type of auctions so I can redeem them into bitcoins and sell them to interested buyers.

    In fact, Rewardical and Astro Auction become my favorite programs at SFI.

    • admin

      Thanks a lot for reading my article and adding a lovely comment.. This is amazing! I wish you great success in bidding!

  5. Philip Hindle

    Wow, astro bidding sounds really interesting and could be a good little money maker if you got good at it. Thanks for informing me!

    • admin

      Hi Philip
      Yes it is very interesting.. There is something amazing about Astro auctions. You could get all yr TCredits back if you don’t win.. You should read all the rules so as to benefit from the bidding and win.. If you join my group then I will help you to understand everything!

  6. Philip


    I joined SFI years ago about didn’t stay because I just was not at the stage to work at anything so forgot about it.

    I tried to join up again through you but it says there is an email with that account.

    Can I sign up again under you?

    I am not sure if I would be bothered now playing games all day but but I have seen excellent things on SFI and wondering what are their fee’s like. What is SFI about anyways?

    Thanks and looking forward to your answers here.

    – Philip.

    • admin

      Hi Philip
      You could join me again with another email if u left SFI 6 month ago. Don’t log in with your previous account.
      Join me here
      SFI made great changes and add many programs.. I will explain for you every thing if you join me.
      Regarding the cost of joining SFI.. IT is free but at the beginning you couldn’t accomplish good progress without paying the auto delivery about 29 dollar. The most important is to become Executive affiliate to benefit from all the programs. later when you build your team you could get credits for free from the people who join you so u don’t need to pay anything.. You could get commissions from advertising and selling the SFI products.. Here is a summary.. but if u join me i will be with u in every step.. Join now for free.. read and understand then decide if u like to continue … there is no obligation.. Wishing you all the best

  7. Yvonne

    I’ve not heard of SFI before and it all sounds very interesting. Is there a monthly fee to join? What are the things that I can bid for?

    • admin

      You can join SFI for free and enjoy many programs such as localvantia and rewardical. you can seel their products and earn commission. You could upgrade to team leader and build a team. this needs to pay fees

    • admin

      Thanks for reading my article and leaving a comment. I hope you one day enjoy playing Astro games

  8. Matthew Owen

    After looking for fun and interesting ways to earn money online I stumbled onto this post. It’s amazing at what you can find on the internet these days.
    I have never heard of Astro Auctions but even though it does sound a bit complicated for me to use, even with your well-explained review of them (it doesn’t take a lot to confuse me, lol) I think I could really enjoy using this way of earning some extra income.
    Do you have any tips on maximizing my success using Astro auctions?
    Looking forward to your reply, thanks.

    • admin

      Hello Matthew
      Thanks a lot for your comment. When you join the Astro Auction and follow the steps. it is very easy.. you encourage me to add some illustrations. There are some tips accompanied with the Astro Auction. One tip from my experience is that you use many TCredits in Joining the auction such as 30 or more but ask to return them except one. This will increase your chance to win without loosing yr TCredits

  9. petra

    I came across this before, but didn’t really know what it was and what to think of it. My biggest concern is, is it safe?

  10. Thabo

    That is a great article and was very informative. I do agree that affiliate marketing is the 21st career indeed.
    I didnt know anything about astro bidding and it sounds very interesting to join. It is worth the try because I do join programs which have the potential to generate extra income on the side.

    Thanx for the article

  11. Jennifer

    Very good article and clear information.
    I haven’t come accross astro bidding but I will try it out. It won’t hurt to have extra income by the side.

    Thank you for the article

    • admin

      Hi Jennifer
      Thanks a lot for reading my article and leaving a comment.. I totally agree with you that we should try more than one site to earn extra money. I have been with SFI for 5 years so I discover they are honest and they pay regularly.. Nowadays, I don’t join any site except if a good friend recommends or there is proof of paying,, Have a great day

  12. Anthony

    Hi Rania

    Thanks for providing informative insight on the SFI Marketing Group Platform. This is the first time I have heard of this platform. I will surely look into this group based on your recommendation.

    • admin

      Hi Anthony
      I have been in SFI for five years so I trust them. This Astro Auction was launched this year. It is amazing and beneficial. I can raise my rank easily at SFI by bidding and earning tokens. If you join me, I will explain everything to you.

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