The Basics of SFI that You should learn in the first month

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The Basics of SFI that You should learn in the first month


1- Register in SFI using this link:

2- Log daily into SFI and press the red buttons of To- Do- Lists after reading the information and then press the blue button below the page to get 10 VP daily.


3- Do the GETTING STARTED ACTIONS in the first month:

YOU should do all the getting started actions by opening the page, reading the information and pressing on the number with star on top right of the page. These actions are done only once at the beginning.

Confirming your registration


Completing your Affiliate Profile

Registering as an a2a member

Sending your SFI Commitment Message to your upline leaders

Reading the Getting Started FAQs

Reviewing the Marketing Center

Uploading your photo to the Affiliate Center

Entering a new affiliate greeting to welcome your new PSAs

 following SFI on Twitter
(Trouble getting these points?)

 following TripleClicks on Twitter
(Trouble getting these points?)

 following Pricebenders Alerts on Twitter
(Trouble getting these points?)

Liking SFI on Facebook

Liking TripleClicks of Facebook

Reading the “About SFI” page

Reviewing the SFI Compensation Plan

Reviewing the SFI Benefits Chart

Reviewing The Diamond Plan

Reviewing LaunchPad lessons

4- Do THE INTERMEDIATE ACTIONS in the first month:

Installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog.

Review the Income Index

Review the Reference Index

Review the Power Tools Index

Review the My Account Index

Earn 12 badges and reach the first level (Rising Star) in Badge Quest

Create and upload your TripleClicks Avatar


5- Start building your leader page

Write your number instead of mine
In the blog, Write advice for your affiliates
In the greeting, introduce yourself to your team members and let them know in what ways you will be supporting them
This is the text that appears beside your photo.
Rewards and Incentive
Use the contest creator to easily set up incentives and rewards for your downline members
I recommend
Select the SFI Services you recommend to your downline such as S-Builder or standing order
Use this page to recognize those in your team who are working extra hard, accomplishing goals, reaching milestones, winning contests, etc
My Best Tip
Write here your best tip about SFI


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      Read and apply what you learn. If you feel stuck, ask questions. Wishing you great success!

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