How To Start A Professional

Internet Business



Are you enthusiastic to start an online business or start a website, but not sure where to start? Here you could achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams to put your business online and start making money. Read here the five simple steps you can do to start with a successful online business quickly and easily.

 1- Decide Your Market

The first thing to do is to decide your market. Who are the people in this market?  What are their needs and how do they spend their time. How could you reach them? It is not necessary  to be expert in internet marketing but the most important is to know your market and how to reach them.



2- Plan Your Business:

You need a plan for your business. Decide what  kind of business and how much is the budget. You should  always write all your plans so you could easily achieve them.


3- Set Up Your Website:

You should first register your domain name. Try to choose a name that is rich with keywords. Domains with good keywords  can be easily found. Now, start building your website. Choose a unique theme and write rich content to attract visitors to your website.



4- Get Traffic to Your Website

In order to get massive traffic, you should register with the major search engines such as google, Yahoo and Bing. Also, list your website in the major blog directories. Moreover, advertise your website in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.


5- Track your growth

There are many easy and free tools to let you know who clicked when and where. In addition to this, there are hosting companies that will give traffic analyzing tools. Good analytics offer free tracking popular pages, popular keywords and traffic sources.


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  1. Nour

    Great site, I really enjoyed reading the topic, it’s full of new ideas.

    • admin

      Thanks a lot Nour for taking a tour in my website.. I really appreciate your time and effort!

  2. Attila


    I visited your site and it is a clear and good constructed site !

    I hope you will reach your goals also with your site in Arabic !

    It was a pleasure to leave you a little comment.



    • admin

      Hello Attila
      Thanks for your nice words
      Wishing you all the best

  3. Kevon

    Great post Rania. You touched on all of the core areas needed to start an online business. Of course, there are just foundational and a good place to start for newbies.

    I’m going to take your advice and list with major blog directories. Do you know the top three blog directories I can use?

    All the best


  4. jar

    So much good information and information about different money-making ideas, it is great.

    • admin

      Thanks Jar for your nice words. I always try to focus only about honest companies because I want to make a good reputation

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